Friday, October 23, 2009

Why Mike South Is A Certified Asshole: The Slut-Baiting of Bree Olson

It's par for the course for a porn actress to be slammed as a slut for her profession by outsiders...whether radfems or religtious fanatics.

It's a different thing altogether, though, when the one doing the baiting happens to be a pornographer himself.

Yet, the combination of sheer jealousy and vindictiveness, added to the accessibility to a blog, can make for an explosive mix.

Which brings us to the subject of Mike South.

Mr. South is a long-time porn producer and agent whom has directed and produced plenty of porn talent. He is also one who is pretty caustic with his opinions about performers he likes...and those he doesn't.

That, of course, is his perogative and right.

On the other hand, there is a fine line in the sand that says that while disagreeing with another's opinions and views is perfectly OK, attacking one's private affairs is strictly verboten.  Especially one's sexual affairs.

Unfortunately, Mr. South seems not to respect that line....and this morning, he crossed it with vigor.

The subject of his rant: porn actress Bree Olson, and her Twitter account.

Bree Olson happens to be a major starlet in porn these days; she won AVN's Best New Starlet award last year; she is now Adam and Eve's top contract performer, and her peers respect her immensely for her authentic sexual performances.

And...she happens to have a pretty active sex life outside of shooting porn, which she shares freely with followers of her Twitter account ( ) (@BreeOlson9).

Apparently, her sex life must NOT include Mike South, or perhaps he's jealous that Bree and not his own favorite, Kayden Kross, is the top A&E contract starlet (Kayden is #2)...or maybe he just felt pissed off enough this morning and didn't get his usual morning blowjob.

What else explains the vitriolic, savage literal  verbalized assault on Bree Olson that he posted to his blog this morning??  Here it is, reproduced in its entirity (I will not offer any links due to not giving him bandwidth; just google "Mike South" and follow your nose.)

The Biggest Pig In Porn

I have gotten literally dozens of emails about this and I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to go into it, but It finally dawned on me that the truth here needs to come out, there may be people who are unaware of the danger that they are being put in.

There are pigs in porn, to be sure, male and female, but I can’t think of amy more worthy of the title biggest pig in porn than the porcine wad hog that calls herself Bree Olson.

Bree has taken to blogging about herself on the popular social networking site “twitter” and what she writes should be of concern to anyone who might be working with her.

Not a week goes by that she isn’t asking guys to “come shoot a load in her” or bragging about a club appearance where she got “six loads of cum in her pussy in one night”

A lot of you have asked if I was going to comment about the fact that she is certainly setting herself up for the title of “Typhoid Mary of STDs” and word I get from insiders in the biz is that she gets a lot of them. One of her “friends” commented in one email that Bree couldnt work that day because she was sick, and that he/she figured it must be swine flu. Fitting.

The puzzling thing to me, is why a company that has built a reputation for being squeaky clean would let this little trollop drag their name and reputation through the mud in this manner.  I hardly think this is what Phil Harvey had in mind when it comes to the girls that represent his company and his hard earned image.

But the powers that be at Adam and Eve make unflattering jokes about it and say it’s just Bree being Bree. The only time they reeled her in is when she started spewing bigoted racial vitriol.

I have news for you folks she is being a pig and she is making Adam and Eve her sty.

Now don’t get me wrong here if she wants to be the worlds biggest whore Im fine with that, but when you endanger the lives and health of other people…I’m not fine with that.  Rumor has it that she escorts and thats backed up by photos on escort sites and reviews on and other review boards.

Thats ok lots of porn girls escort, not usually contract girls but hey if Adam and Eve doesn’t care I don’t

The larger question though is do the people with whom she is exposing to her bacterial breeding ground care?  If they don’t then have at it.  But at least now they know.

We need fewer (as in no) contract girls like Bree in this biz, what happened to girls with class, like Serenity and Carmen Luvana?  When did companies trade them in for for cum burping gutter snipes?

Maybe I have just gotten too old to appreciate the “new porn”..Thank God.

Bree and Adam and Eve along with Katy Zvolerin and Bob Christian should all be ashamed of themselves Bree for being so irresponsible  and Katy and Bob for looking the other way when they know it is happening.

Remember this if you get booked to do a scene with Bree and go and take a look at her twitter history if you think I’m just making this up or being mean.

Heres just a few, a very few

“Any older guys wanna come shoot thier load in me in my hotel room? Tweet me your number if you are within half an hour of st louis

I totally got stood up! I’m horny as fuck! Anyone in st Louis area give me your number. Come to my hotel and fuck! Not a joke! For real!

Since I am sick and bed riddin I have one thing on the mind. Sex! Any men in fort Wayne that wanna come shoot their load in my pussy?

I’m fucking someone in this pool tonight. Not sure who but it’s gonna happen!

Do any guys in south Florida wanna come fuck me in my hotel room? I’ll take one guy at a time. One every half hour.

I am very sore from getting fucked so much but I know a load of cum in my pussy would make it feel much better. Anybody? ”

Gee Katy and Bob, y’all must be SO proud.

Oh, but let's break this down, shall we??

Now, a disclosure alert for y'all: at another venue, I have previously kinda maligned Bree Olson for her conservative political opinions, of which she has used her Twitter page to espouse. Reacting to some followers who mocked her fandom for FOX News, she went a bit wingnutty, calling Obama supporters "retards", among other things.

But that is a galaxy apart from the raw sewage dump that Mike South is blowing at her.

Basically, South is calling Bree out as a total slut and HIV-enabler whose loose philosophy -- and loose pussy -- is bringing the porn industry and Adam & Eve down, and someone had damn well better get to her and fuse her legs shut before she causes another porn outbreak by herself.

If that came from the likes of Shelley Lubben or an antiporn activist hothead like Sam Berg, it would be considered slut-baiting to the extreme. Why would or should it be any less because it comes from a porn agent??

Here's a quick memo to you, Mr. South:

Just because Bree Olson happens to like sex enough to want to share it with certain friends onliine via Twitter does NOT make her you personal bitch-slap toy, fool. I would have thought that one of the main endearments of being in porn would be that one loves sex...but then again, I might be wrong, since I'm not the agent.

And the last time I checked, Bree Olson had to have the same HIV and STD tests that every other performer in porn has had.....and unless I've missed something, she's still as clean as a whistle. I believe that that is called "Scoreboard," Mr. South...and enables her to do whatever the fuck she wants with her body, as long as she comes to work on time, does all the business that she's required to do, and fulfills her end of her contract.

Oh, but wait a minute...this is the same Mike South who has been all up in the asses of Sharon Mitchell, Ernest Greene, and the rest of the AIM Foundation brass for their supposed failings over the last two HIV porn "outbreaks", right??  I suppose that containing what could have been two major disasterous pandemics to only four and one infection respectively, just isn't good enough for some people. Plus, Bree happens not to be signed with his agency, neither is Ernest's wife Nina Hartley (who is with Lisa Ann Talent Management).

But then, I guess that pissing on Bree for her tweet hookups is the easist and most cowardly way to get his rant on, since Mr. South wouldn't dare run that kind of "pig" smack on any of Lisa's girls...probably because Lisa Ann is strong enough to physically kick his ass up and down Porn Valley. (He has made similar crackbacks at other performers, though; Jesse Jane and Teagan Presley have been just as frequent targets for his bile, though probably not nearly as toxic as what he served Bree with.)

Oh, and one last thing, Mr. South, before I close this: If you are going to use the pages of your blog to slam and destroy a young woman for not being so "classy" about her private sex life, it would really be a good idea to not have constant promotions for girls looking even younger than her expressing the joys of bukkake. Kinda makes you look as much like a hypocrite as a total asshole...know what I'm sayin'??

Now, kindly STFU, SYAD, and watch your agency shrink down to the ground...and try not to get caught under Lisa Ann's stillettos.

And to Bree Olson: Ignore the haters and the whackjobs, dear....whether we disagree on political matters or not, you are entitled to live your own life, and needs no one's approval. You own your pussy, no one else does or should. The rest can just go fuck themselves...which would do them some good, anyway.

UPDATE:  Apparently, Bree's taking it all in stride.  One of her latest tweets upon reacting to Mr. South:

Horse face and her ugly broke old man are STILL hating on me! Hey guys, I just wanna thank you for the free pub! Glad I'm on your mind! 
 I'm not even going to ask who "horse face" happens to be....just happy that she's reacting this way.