Sunday, September 20, 2009

Booblemania 2009: Where All Is Fair In Love And War...And Boobs

There is something to be said about the comparison between porn and pro wrestling.

Both have been accused of being fake.

Both generally share the same demographic.

Both have been accused of exploiting their talent for the quick buck.

But both can not be accused of being....boring.

Once you cut through the noise and basically enjoy both for what they really are -- which is, entertainment -- and not take it too seriously, then you can freely defend and enjoy them both.

Only difference is that in the adult entertaiment industry, the talent doesn't attempt to bash each other's heads in.  At least, not in the actual performance.

On the other hand, the competition to be recognized as "The Next Big Thing" can often come pretty damn close to WWE Smackdown! quality, especially when it comes to the yearly beauty contests.

Booble's "Girl of the Year" contest for this year is one striking example.

Before I continue, a disclosure alert: I am an moderator of one of Vicky Vette's Yahoo! groups, as well as a few other of the mentioned ladies involved; and I also help moderate Vicky's forum at her website. However, my views represent my own, and no one else's...and do not reflect anyone else.

With that out of the way, let's meet the combatants....errrrrr, the participants.

This lovely lady happens to be Vicky Vette, the reigning and current Booble Girl of the Year. She beat out Tera Patrick and a host of other beauties to gain the crown; and she has been representing her title pretty well...a hell of a lot better than Carrie Prejean (and certainly with much less hypocrisy, since, unlike the former Miss California USA, Vicky actually LIKES sex and doesn't hate people). She's even gone so far as to open up a blog over at Booble to promote and groom her successor for 2009-2010...along with more general bloggy things that reigning adult beauty queens do.

The way that Booble works is that fans select a Girl of the Month each month based on fan votes; with the 12 monthly winners battling it out at the end for the ultimate prize.

What makes this year's finals so interesting (besides the mass boobage, of course), is the connections between some of the finalists. Especially, the connections between some of the finalists and the reigning queen, who probably is trying to keep the Booble crown in the family, I guess. (Links to their Booble vote pages are embedded, in case you want to vote for your favorite.)

Say hello to Sunny Lane....former professional athlete turned into professional pornster and part time whore (no joke, she actually lives part time at Dennis Hof's Bunny Ranch brothel). As of right now, she's the top votegetter in the BGotY contest, and she's well on her way to capturing the crown. She qualified by winning in May of this year. The fact that she happens to be a member of Vicky's growing network of pro strumpets (the Vette Nation Army) hasn't hurt her efforts at all...not that she's just sitting back on her...errrrrr...laurels, either.

And this gorgeous woman is Mariah Milano,.more of a pro model than a porn strumpet, but more than capable of holding her own. She has been in an neck and neck (or maybe, more like nipple and nipple???) race with Sunny for the top slot (she qualified by winning in November 2008). Some folk have been saying that some of the surges that Mariah has used to keep herself at or near the top might be a bit artifically created via gaming Booble's voting system (which allows only one fan vote per IP per day...but no one has been able to prove that.) Plus, Mariah has been using her MySpace and Twitter pages to go at it hard.

And now, here's Michelle Lay, who fashions herself as a California bad girl, and proof that you don't need DD-size boobs to be considered sexy enough for Booble's contest.Oh...and did I mention that she is also a charter member of Vicky's VNA??  She qualified by winning in June of this year.

...and now you're looking at Britney Brooks, one of the up and cumming adult models; who also just so happens to be yet another one of Vicky's VNA girls...which probably accounts for how she made it to the finals by winning the month of July. Or....maybe it's just because she's that damn sexy.

And finally, we have Sara Jay, who gives new meaning to the term "voluptuous, big breasted blonde", and is no slouch in the interracial circut; she was bestowed with the award for Best Interacial Female Star at this year's Urban X Awards. No, she's NOT a VNA member, just an least, for now.

There are other girls in the contest, of course, and if I had the time, I would analyze all of them..but you can go over to the Booble Fansigns page and check them out for yourself and vote. The final winner will be crowned by the first of October.

Incidentally, you will notice that the three VNA girls mentioned here -- Sunny, Michelle, and Britney -- won in back-to-back-to-back months. Conspiracy?? Good timing?? The dedication of the VNA?? Vicky cooking the books?? (Just kidding on that last one, General!!!  LOL) You decide.